That guy with the (slightly forced) smile to your right? Yeah, that’s me!


I’m James Johnson. And I make you more money.

You’re the strategist. I’m the tactician. You give me your vision and I’ll make it happen. It really is that simple…

When you’ve got a blog gathering dust I make it generate cash. When you’ve got a head full of ideas I turn them into copy that begs to be read. When you need people to engage in your product, I get their attention.

My strategy is simple (and you can steal it if you like):

  1. Make a big cup of Coffee
  2. Find out what keeps your reader awake at 3 a.m
  3. Write copy that’s psychologically proven to have an impact
  4. Solve their problems
  5. Boost your sales

In fact, it’s so simple you could probably do it on your own. But you shouldn’t. Why?

Because then you wouldn’t have a writer who wrote for over 1,000,000 readers in 2014. Someone who not only understands your customer, but knows exactly what they’re thinking. Someone you can trust to deliver on your vision all the time.

Who can see what you, as the business owner, can’t.

At the end of the day it all boils down to one thing: quality. And that’s what I always promise to deliver.

Powerful. Engaging. Emotive. Valuable Copy that sells. That’s my guarantee to you.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to see how I can really help you, get in touch with me right here.

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